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Plant for chocolate specialties


Success through quality and customer focus!

Our commitment as confectionary manufacturer

Since the founding of the HOSTA Co. by Hermann Opferkuch Sr. in 1949, many factors have changed in the confectionary market.

New production techniques, new product varieties, new quality standards and increasing international alignment – HOSTA keeps up with the latest developments for benefitting customers and satisfying market requirements.

Yet one thing remains unchanged: Our commitment towards our customers and business partners to offer delicious, high-quality products.

The HOSTA corporate group is a family-owned Swabian company. The strong alignment to consumer wishes and our ability to react flexibly to new opportunities and demands ensures our success.

The high popularity of our core products Nippon, Mr. Tom and ROMY among the population represents our highest award.


HOSTA Timeline

The HOSTA timeline provides a quick corporate history overview for you. It shows the interesting success story of the small post-war setup that became one of Germany’s leading confectionary manufacturers.



HOSTA is founded by Hermann Opferkuch Sr.

The first bestseller: Orange drops manufactured with the tabletting machines of the pharmaceutical industry.

Deliveries still take place with the backpack on the motorcycle.


1950 -


The company develops into a modern industrial facility. A steam boiler installation provides the basis for up-to-date industrial production.

A mogul line automates the casting of confectionary products. Output reaches domestic importance for the first time.

A coating installation provides, among other things, the foundation for manufacturing filled chocolate products.


A confectionary classic is born: Puffed rice & chocolate. Nippon, back then still sold as bar, conquers the market and gradually becomes one of today’s most successful chocolate specialties.

1957 -


Further expansion of the company premises.

1963 -


The second, and larger, development stage starts; millions are invested.


The company celebrates 20 years. HOSTA has established itself as one of the leading confectionary manufacturers.


Business contacts with Ghana to secure raw materials.

Decisive participation in programs for mitigating the tense food supply situation and infrastructural expansion in Ghana.

Successful introduction of a chocolate classic: The delicious coconut chocolate ROMY.  



The perfect indulgence for hot summer days is introduced: Refreshment sticks! With the classic orange and lemon filling.


Roasted, candied peanuts: Crispy, nutty & delicious!

The Mr. Tom peanut bar is introduced into the market as the “slightly different bar” in contrast to the various chocolate bars; first sold under the name of “Uncle Tom”.

Since its introduction, Mr. Tom develops into one of the most favorite confectionary snacks. Nowadays, it occupies first place among non-chocolate bars.


H.M. Otumfuo Nana Opoku Ware II, King of the Ashanti Kingdom, comes to visit HOSTA accompanied by Queen Vicoria.


Hermann Opferkuch Sr. receives the Staufer Medal, one of Baden-Württemberg’s highest awards, for his life’s work.

1982 - 1983

Festive inauguration of the new administrative building.

Enlargement of the production, storage and operational facilities.

Large-scale investments in production equipment; modern puffed rice equipment starts its operations.  


The Nippon crispy bites are introduced; the product shape is still very popular with our customers.


Hermann Opferkuch Sr. becomes member of the Baden-Württemberg state parliament, retains for three periods.     


Hermann Opferkuch Jr. takes over as CEO and states his clear belief in branded articles and an international presence.


The Mr. Tom Minis product bag is introduced. The “small” Mr. Tom becomes very popular as a snack for breaks and parties for our big and small customers.

A comparative taste test performed by the Ernest Dichter Institute among consumers stresses the unique product qualities of Nippon: crispiness, looseness and balanced chocolate sweetness.


Funny Mr. Tom television and film advertising spot, which has since then become a cult spot. Many Mr. Tom’s fans don’t get tired of seeing it.


The introduction of the ChocoNippon chocolate bar significantly strengthens the classic Nippon.     

With a supported awareness level of 88%, Nippon is one of Germany’s best-known confectionary brands.     

HOSTA builds a computer-aided and fully air-conditioned high-bay warehouse at the Stimpfach headquarters with a capacity for 16,000 pallets.


The Mr. Tom peanut bar gets its current, somewhat crazy, cult-like and mismatched design.

The design also reflects the bar’s special market position and the unique emotional attachment of product and customer.

Mr. Tom achieves a 31% increase in sales.  


HOSTA is one of the leading processors of cocoa beans sold on the world market.

Four fully automated production facilities in Germany, France and Spain manufacture delicious confectionary products and raw products. Apart from chocolate, peanuts, cereal and coconut flakes are also processed.

Export: The Mr. Tom bar is available in 15 countries.

Nippon Minis are introduced as a delicious indulgence for short breaks, trips and everything in between.


Introduction of Banitas chocolate foamy bananas.

Equally successful product launch of the chocolates from DROSTE in the German market.


The company celebrates 50 years of existence. HOSTA thanks its customers with a 2-for-1 campaign for its entire product range.

HOSTA increasingly transforms itself into a confectionary specialist. Consumers and trade partners see a welcome change from the standard product range of other providers. In addition to the taste experience, an attractive packaging design and a fair retail selling price also contribute to success.


The ChocoNippon Minis and the ChocoNippon Bar reach the market and immediately become the favorites among Nippon fans.


Investments worth millions are made for streamlining and modernizing production.


An audience favorite gets started: The Nippon television and movie spots introduce the Nippon penguin.

The classic spot, which had its last appearance in March 2012 as part of the RTL chart show with Oliver Geissen, still enjoys enormous popularity.


The nuts are covered with chocolate now! The chocolate bar Mr. Tom Chocolate combines the crispy Mr. Tom Peanut Bar with delicious milk chocolate and becomes a bestseller right away.


The ROMY Summer Edition, the delicious milk chocolate with roasted coconut flakes in white chocolate, is introduced. A summer night’s dream!

Mr. Tom meets SpiderMan. The Mr. Tom sweepstakes, which took place via the new Facebook page of Mr. Tom at the start of the movie “The Amazing SpiderMan”, offers attractive prizes from the world of Sony Entertainment.

Romy and her New One! That was the successful cam–paign at the end of 2012 in which 480 million advertising contacts and over 10,000 sweepstake participants strengthened product awareness among consumers and sales success among retailers. Hosta thanked customers for their trust with the free campaign: “Romy + Mr. Tom”


Future Hosta will remain a reliable partner in the future and satisfy the wishes of our customers and retail partners.

Hosta is always open for new developments, but also for criticism, praise, suggestions and alternative solutions.

The satisfaction of our customers and partners is the standard that we follow every day.

Yours Hosta-Team



HOSTA headquarters / factory in Stimpfach   

Mr Tom meets Will Smith! Hosta accompanies the movie premiere of “After Earth” in June 2013 with an attractive Mr. Tom sweepstakes on Facebook. We are very pleased with the strong participation of our fans and wish the lucky winners in August a lot of fun with their new Sony tablets Xperia Z.

The food industry magazine honors Nippon once again as top brand of 2013. We thank our customers and retail partners!

The new ChocoNippon bar will be available in 2014. It completes the Hosta bar product range and satisfies the high demands that our customers make on enjoying something good. There is already a strong demand among retailers.


The trained bank clerk Hermann Opferkuch Sr. registers as chocolatemanufacturer in the registry of companies. Chocolate is regarded as a sign of recovering prosperity in post-war Germany.

Expansion of product range to the “O-Minz” peppermint drops (Opferkuch peppermint tablets).

Mass production of chocolate Santa Clause figures, Easter articles, small liqueur bottles and jelly fruit begins.


The launch of the new Nippolino Knusperpraline takes place; delicious hazelnut cream with crunchy cereals, filled with melted chocolate.


Introduction of Mr. Jim. The classic peanut bar now available with fine chocolate; crunchy and tender melting.